Daniel Wilson is an acclaimed and award winning wildlife artist whose artwork is highly sought-after and collected around the world. His paintings capture the vibrant colours, textures, and personalities of nature and its inhabitants, while also portraying a respect and admiration for the beauty of the natural world. Daniel’s work is particularly noteworthy for its lifelike textures, vivid colours, and captivating compositions.

Wildlife artist daniel wilson stood next to a lion oil painting
daniel wilson holding award from the Association of animal artists
Daniel wilson drawing a snow leopard in charcoal

Daniel’s charcoal work is a testament to his skill as an artist. He expertly uses the unique characteristics of the monochromatic medium to create captivating atmospheres and powerful compositions. Through a clever manipulation of light and shadow, Daniel brings out the inner life of his subject and accentuates its details, allowing the viewer to appreciate its hidden depths. His work is a mesmerising display of the power of charcoal to bring life to a seemingly inert medium.

 He strives to showcase nature’s inherent beauty and its ever-changing character, emphasising the complexity and fragility of the natural world. Through his art, Daniel hopes to bring attention to the conservation of our planet and its inhabitants. He seeks to create a lasting impression of the beauty, uniqueness, and fragility of the natural world, and to inspire others to do their part in protecting the environment.

daniel wilson stood next to a charcoal lion drawing